Children of mine

I do not get them, I do have them.

How is it that ‘sweep &/or vacuum & mopping the floors’ is not in itself self explanatory?

I for one have written it all out & drawn diagrams, spoken the words  and still the deeds are not done & waiting for my inspection.




2 responses

  1. today my dear one tells the 14yo wash all the dishes means all the dishes, child says I did wash the dishes {he does not include containers & pots pans} they aren’t dishes.

    I’m in the other room bracing my self trying to use that self control I’m working on, I did not start screaming at the top of my lungs see see see look at all the exactness technical details blah blah blah as my nono says; I did NOT utter the words or screech; perhaps tomorrow I’ll still have some self control after smelling all the intoxicating fragrances at our lovely church building on hilltop drive in my town we call central Florida

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